Friday, 26 April 2013

The latest news from Just Mosaics!


Just  a quick up date on what is happening with my church commission - I have finished cutting and sticking to two wave side panels and will grout them next week, and am now waiting for the fibreglass mould of the font, to mosaic inside!  I will post a picture when they are finished.

In the meantime, I have been very busy making my new mosaic, which is proving really popular - if you like,  you can order one by clicking on this link -

Daisies in a vase wall hanging - 20cm x 15cm  - £30 incl UKP&P

Here it is up in our kitchen!

This is a small commission I made for a lady in Ireland who wanted a robin in hers, as it was her Dad's favourite bird!

Hope you are all well,
Felicity x

Detail of the mosaic robin - my first!

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