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Tuesday 8 December 2020

Carry on making mosaics!


During the lockdowns and subsequent restrictions, I have done what I have always done, made mosaics!  I am lucky enough to have my studio at home, so have been able to get on with my work.  It has been great to have it - to be creative, grounding myself in the studio, busy with something I love doing!

I have made a lot of house numbers over the months as people have spent more time at home and decided to order one - click here to order


Also flowers have definitely been on the agenda, as gardens have been appreciated more, and clients have wanted favourite blooms immortalised in tiles!

I have been taking stock of all the tiles in my studio and replenishing supplies - so grateful that I can buy such a range of colours, especially in the porcelain tiles for my exterior mosaics. I get them from here - view tiles here

I have made two firsts over the past few months - a mosaic hedgehog wall hanging and a leaping frog splash back - I always like a challenge and love creating new things!

In the new year, I am looking forward to making a large seascape mosaic for a bathroom, two long flower mosaics to go on a verandah and a house name mosaic amongst other things!

As always, I love to hear from you, and if there is ever anything I can make you, or a project you would like to discuss, do get in touch - Email me here

All the best,