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Monday 21 March 2016

The making of a sea-themed mosaic floor - part 6

The mosaic floor panels are finished, blogger friends, and are with me no more!

The grouting was a long job, going over and over it with a spatula and fingers to make sure the grout was thoroughly worked in.  I used quite a deep grey tint to the grout, which meant it dried very quickly so we methodically did small sections at a time, and kept coming back to it to fill and wipe until we were happy that every last hole was filled and every tile wiped clean!

I managed to take a decent photo of it for you, but when it has been installed in the new build in Dorset, I will share better ones with you.

The men came to collect the panels this week.  They wrapped them up carefully in cardboard and blankets, and off they went.  It was like saying goodbye to a child - ... drive carefully!

It feels a big moment for my original mosaic business, as I have been assured that this mosaic will be seen by lots of people, and hopefully, if they like it, similar work might come my way!

Many thanks for following me on this mosaic commission - I hope you approve of the finished article - do let me know!
Felicity x