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Wednesday 24 February 2016

The making of a sea-themed mosaic floor - part 5

Hello blogger friends!

Much has happened to my mosaic floor since my last post - in fact, I have finished snipping!
On the second panel, I designed two John Dory, a shoal of sea bass and two skate - along with continuing the rope border, with the crabs and mussels.  I already had all my tiles out for the John Dory so I started with them ...

 Then finished off the rope border and the crabs - every one different!

 The shoal of sea bass were tricky - I wanted it to feel as if they were swimming in and out of the panel, and I was rather pleased with the effect.

 Then the yellow background needed to be filled in, followed by the two skate - I love their shapes, and the contrasting dark brown.

 I am lucky enough to have found a supplier of porcelain tiles with a wide range of colours -  www.mosaictrader.co.uk - so I had lots of shades of blue to choose from, and could gradually make the shades lighter as the top of the second panel was reached.  I also could do the same with the shades of green for the weed.

I wanted the two panels to join as seamlessly as possible so cut the tiles extra carefully near the edges.

 As you can imagine, it is very difficult to photograph, and this was the best we can do for the moment.  When it is installed in Dorset, I will have much better images to share with you.

Now all that needs to be done by me, is the grouting. My client and I decided on a mid grey grout which would bring all the colours out and blend the whole mosaic together.

That is next week's job!

Many thanks for reading and I would love to hear what you think of progress so far!
Felicity x