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Thursday 28 June 2012

Abstract Mediterranean mosaic garden table - inspired by Dubrovnik

Hello everyone,

Inspired by our fabulous holiday in Croatia, my next project is to make an uplifting patio table - it's a whopper - seats six comfortably, and I can't wait!

Somehow creating a mosaic so big is exciting in itself, but the brief is an abstract design, and Mediterranean colours - so, couldn't be better!

As I think about the design, I keep having to remind myself that it's not a picture - people will be sitting at both sides of the table, and it has got to look equally stunning from both sides.

My design theme is waves of colour - different widths, lengths and slightly varying angles - a seventies, retro design with stunning colour combinations.

So with the basic garden table frame ordered, and the exterior ply for the table top cut, I start to think of those combinations.  As it is for a table top, I have to use all the same make of tile so that it is completely flat, practical and easy to use.  That limits me up to a point, but I have a good range of colours now, and sometimes too many colours is not necessarily better!

There are three main elements to my Mediterranean abstract design - sky, sea and scenery - greenery, flowers, building/stone work, roofs/tiles.

I want the blues of the sea and sky to be different shades, and the scenery to include, green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, terracotta, beige, cream. light grey.  At the moment I am gathering these colours together, and then will start on my blank canvas.

Watch this space!


Thursday 14 June 2012

Dubrovnik - a beautiful place!

Hello everyone,
Just spent a week in Dubrovnik - stunning!  The pictures speak for themselves - enjoy!