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Friday 22 February 2013

Life as a mosaic artist

It's been a very busy couple of weeks!

My small mosaics are going down very well - www.justmosaics.co.uk/mosaics-gallery.php - which is great.
For the first time, I feel under a bit of pressure to get things made by a certain time (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day) but it's all good.
My learning curve with dealing with you, the general public, has been steep, but I am getting there - the customer is always right!
I am, however, not a machine (nor would want to be) - my mosaics are handmade and each one original, and that is something I must never lose.
Each mosaic is a work of art in itself, and I wouldn't dream of sending it to someone if I didn't feel it was.  Art is so personal, that a little part of me goes out with each mosaic - hoping it will be loved, cherished and enjoyed, as much as I have enjoyed creating it.
So, I must toughen up a little, without losing sight of why and how I do what I do - it's all about balance!

Onwards and upwards!


Monday 4 February 2013

Vote for your favourite flower mosaic!

Hello everyone!

I need your help!!

On my Facebook page, I am going to GIVEAWAY one of my new flower mosaics and I can't decide which one you would all like best..!

So please get on over to my Facebook page and vote for your fave!

These are the mosaics in the running..

Vase of tulips
Clump of snowdrops

Two tulips
Small sunflower

Field of tulips
Vase of tulips

Field of tulips

Which one do you like best?!

Felicity x