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Wednesday 4 October 2017

Mosaic preparations for Christmas!

Hello blogger friends,

As September passes each year, I start thinking about making mosaics for Christmas presents.  Too soon, I hear you say!  Well for me, it isn't, I'm afraid - I love my work but it does take time to make, and there is only me snipping away in my studio.  The thought of not having orders made and ready for my clients' Christmas presents is not a good feeling, so I have learnt that lots of lead up time is the answer!

I'm not sure how many orders I receive from you all in blogosphere, but I hope you don't mind me reminding you to give me lots of time if you are one of those lovely people who keep me busy here in my Bristol studio!  I ship my mosaics all over the world, so need even longer to get them to you in time, please.

As you know from past blogs, my mosaics are infinitely versatile, and I am always up for a challenge - so do take a look at my website and see what I can do, and beyond ...! www.felicityballmosaics.com
In these photos, I've just given you an example of some of what I make, but if you have something something/different in mind, email me, and we can discuss the possibilities - felicityball@justmosaics.co.uk

It would be great if you could pass this post on to your friends and followers and make this the best and busiest festive season ever for me!

Thank you,
Felicity x