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Sunday 15 June 2014

Inspirational mosaics in Sicily

Hello everyone,

We were lucky enough to spend a week in Sicily recently.  It was warm and friendly and full of beautiful sights.
I had heard about the amazing mosaics there, and indeed, we did see some, especially in the church up the hill in Monreale, nr Palermo.
But what REALLY caught my eye and set my pulse racing was this little shop down a side street, selling mosaics among other things.
 The artist worked from her shop, so I could see the incredible work she was doing.
I think they are best described as micro mosaics - really tiny pieces of smalti and tiles, fitted together perfectly, without grout to create these amazing works of art.

 The patience she must have to cut these tiny pieces tiles is astonishing - and then to have the vision of fitting them together to make a perfect picture - stunning!
She didn't speak English, and I no Italian, but we spoke in 'mosaic'! "Smalti? - ahhh! - Murano, Venice?! - ooooo!" - and so it went on - I didn't want to leave!
And then which to buy?  They were realistically priced with the amount of work that went into each one - something I respect and acknowledge - so I chose two small pieces to have with me in Bristol.

Reluctantly, after we had photographed as much as we could (with her permission), I dragged myself away, feeling inspired and uplifted - as I do now, writing about it.
It is a visit I will never forget, and makes me feel privileged to be a mosaic artist, with a different style, but a shared passion, and a comforting knowledge that others, like me, really do spend hours, days, weeks, months just snipping!

I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did and do!

Felicity x