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Sunday 28 April 2024

It is all go at Felicity Ball mosaics!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my mosaic world! I have been working hard behind the scenes to increase the online reach of my original mosaic art. It WAS something I knew very little about, but gradually I am getting there - writing this blog, updating my website regularly and advertisting on Google. I decided to emply a free lancer from Fiverr - which was very straight forward to do. My expert freelancer Popy set up and optimised my ad campaign in Google so that I am now getting the most from my money.
My website is all up to date too - and I am very proud of it. Every time I complete a mosaic commission, I post it in the gallery section of my website so the variety of my work is there for you all to see. Below are my last two mosaic commissions - a compass for a patio, and two fish mosaics for a house in Malta.
I have opened a mosaic online shop on my website - All mosaics there are ready to go! The funky Kandinsky mirror below is available at the time of writing.
As you can see alot has been going on, and I haven't even mentioned my frequent Instagram and Facebook posts which let you see what is happening in my mosaic studio. That's what all this is about - making beautiful, vibrant, colourful mosaics for any space. Do get in touch if you would like me to make you one.
Thank you so much for your time - do have a look at my original mosaic art and spread the word! Felicity

Monday 15 May 2023

Bespoke mosaic doorstep for a London milliner

Below is the process in pictures of how I made Jane's mosaic doorstep.

The approved design

Starting to prepare the tiles

Always helps to have some ready!

And so to start ..

... making good progress!

The border is done.

The name and logo were tricky.

And now to the scalloped background

The snipping and sticking is finished!

Grouting and sealing are done - now ready for delivery!

 It's been a busy few months in my studio - it's great to have lots of enquiries coming in for all sort os different projects - never a dull moment!

In the autumn, Jane Taylor, a well known London milliner who makes hats for members of the royal family among many others - www.janetaylorlondon.com - got in touch about making her a bespoke mosaic doorstep for her Knightsbridge atelier.

As happens with these kind of commissions, we exchanged a number of emails about price, size and design and came to an agreement that we were both happy with.

I started making it in the new year as you can see above - below is the final mosaics installed - a doorstep and an original work of art!

It is lovely to think that (hopefully) it will be there for many years to come.

Do take a look at my website if you are interested in my original mosaic art  - www.felicityballmosaics.com

Many thanks,


Friday 4 November 2022

Felicity Ball mosaics - new Scottish landscape mosaics on the horizon!

 Hello blogger friends,

I am very excited to share with you the slightly new direction I am going with my original mosaic art.

Since I started making mosaics 15 years ago as a way to work from home when our children were young, I have been fortunate enough to be a busy artist - making all sorts of commissions for clients over the years, with a limited amount of time to pursue my own mosaic projects.  I have enjoyed making all the different pieces, but I would say, honestly, that larger statement mosaics, with room to be freer, are what give me the most creative buzz - see some examples below.

I now find myself at home with more time to work and have taken the decision to concentrate on larger mosaics for a while - made for inside or out and inspired by our recent walking trip around the Highlands of Scotland.  The scenery was simply stunning, with view after view that I could imagine as a mosaic. 

Along the way, I took many pictures (some are above), and on our return, narrowed it down to 8 or 10, which I will have printed out, and when, I have finished my current commission, will start to recreate in my own impressionistic mosaic style.

For me, it is a thrilling prospect, and one I am very much looking forward to. I will sahre them with you along the way, and I would appreciate you sharing them with friends or colleagues who you think might also be interested.

Keep a look out for my next post!

Many thanks,


Thursday 1 April 2021

Creating a bespoke mosaic doorstep for a London house.

Hello mosaic friends,

I have been working hard on creating a bespoke mosaic doorstep, which I have now finished and delivered - approx 1m x 1m, 1800 individually cut pieces, 5 weeks of works and two sore hands!  Below is the story of how it all developed - 

I started with design options for my client to consider.  She had already sent me a template of the exact size of the doorstep.

I then drew the design on the cement board backing.

Then began the snipping - each piece had cut by me, and straight lines in porcelain tiles are about the hardest to do!

The edge is complete in a chess board design, accommodating the bespoke size.

Luckily the number worked from both sides!  I used a semi circular template to create the scallop design.

 And so, after many hours of snipping, here is the finished doorstep!  I am delighted with the final mosaic, and look forward to seeing photos of it when it is installed.  

Onto my next commission ... 

Thanks for all your support,


Tuesday 8 December 2020

Carry on making mosaics!


During the lockdowns and subsequent restrictions, I have done what I have always done, made mosaics!  I am lucky enough to have my studio at home, so have been able to get on with my work.  It has been great to have it - to be creative, grounding myself in the studio, busy with something I love doing!

I have made a lot of house numbers over the months as people have spent more time at home and decided to order one - click here to order


Also flowers have definitely been on the agenda, as gardens have been appreciated more, and clients have wanted favourite blooms immortalised in tiles!

I have been taking stock of all the tiles in my studio and replenishing supplies - so grateful that I can buy such a range of colours, especially in the porcelain tiles for my exterior mosaics. I get them from here - view tiles here

I have made two firsts over the past few months - a mosaic hedgehog wall hanging and a leaping frog splash back - I always like a challenge and love creating new things!

In the new year, I am looking forward to making a large seascape mosaic for a bathroom, two long flower mosaics to go on a verandah and a house name mosaic amongst other things!

As always, I love to hear from you, and if there is ever anything I can make you, or a project you would like to discuss, do get in touch - Email me here

All the best,


Tuesday 12 May 2020

Wave mosaic made from a broken plate

Hello blogger friends,

I hope you are all keeping well.
Following on from the mosaic paving stones, my next commission was an unusual one.

A client sent me a favourite plate, that, as can happen, was broken.  She wondered if I could make it into a mosaic, so all would not be lost.

As you can see, the colours and pattern of the plate pieces were lovely and were perfectly suited to a wave mosaic.  So I salvaged all that I could and trimmed them into shapes I could use.

When I had stuck on them the board using their natural wave shapes, I filled the spaces in with complementary coloured tiles and shapes.

The grouting was tricky as there were so many different thickness of the original plate pieces.  However this variety really added to the movement and atmosphere of the mosaic, so my cut fingers were definitely worth it! See below how well the grey grout brings it all together.

We then recommended that the mosaic would look even better if it was framed on a plain white board, and ... voila!

I am so glad to say my client was really pleased with the finished piece, as you can see in the review she kindly wrote for me here - https://www.yell.com/biz/felicity-ball-mosaics-bristol-8556217/

Thanks for reading, and if you have a moment, please take look around my lovely new website - www.felicityballmosaics.com

Felicity x

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Lockdown mosaics

Dear Blogger Friends,

As I write this from the UK, we are entering our second week of lockdown due to the coronavirus.  Best wishes to all of you, wherever you are.

As a mosaic artist, I am lucky enough to have my studio at home, so work has not changed drastically for me.  As all this unfolded, I challenged myself to keep busy everyday.  It is great to try and be creative and productive, whatever you do.

A few days ago I finished my first project - a mosaic paving stone (one of four) to go on the patio my husband is laying around our new summerhouse, which arrived just in time.

I knew exactly the vibrant, uplifting pattern I would do, as I have made it on a number of my bistro tables before - see below.

It is such a versatile and colourful design that I knew would always bring me joy - especially, as I asked each member of my family to choose three of their favourite colours (from my selection of porcelain tiles below) and their favourite shape for me to include in the design!

The collage below shows how I have gradually made the mosaic over the past few weeks - trying to vary the position and choice of colours to give the paving stone as much zing as possible.

After the mosaic had been grouted and sealed and left over night to dry, it was time to install it in the patio - 

And there it is, hopefully for a long time to come!  I have three more mosaic paving stones of a similar design to make over the coming months, and I will ask my friends now to choose their three favourite colours to include in them. 

Many thanks for reading - it would be great if you could share it with any friends who you think might be interested.
All the best, until next time,
Felicity x