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Thursday 1 April 2021

Creating a bespoke mosaic doorstep for a London house.

Hello mosaic friends,

I have been working hard on creating a bespoke mosaic doorstep, which I have now finished and delivered - approx 1m x 1m, 1800 individually cut pieces, 5 weeks of works and two sore hands!  Below is the story of how it all developed - 

I started with design options for my client to consider.  She had already sent me a template of the exact size of the doorstep.

I then drew the design on the cement board backing.

Then began the snipping - each piece had cut by me, and straight lines in porcelain tiles are about the hardest to do!

The edge is complete in a chess board design, accommodating the bespoke size.

Luckily the number worked from both sides!  I used a semi circular template to create the scallop design.

 And so, after many hours of snipping, here is the finished doorstep!  I am delighted with the final mosaic, and look forward to seeing photos of it when it is installed.  

Onto my next commission ... 

Thanks for all your support,



  1. That looks amazing! A lot of work but worth the effort for such an original piece.

    1. Thanks Jill - yes, it was tiring but very satisfying.

  2. That appears to be fantastic! It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it for such an amazing item. Rebecca Tolk