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Tuesday 12 May 2015

Me and my mosaics at an Art Trail

As soon as I had been accepted on the BS9 Arts Trail - www.bs9arts.co.uk - I started wondering what it would be like.  Never having done one before I was both anxious and excited, and my thoughts ranged from selling out of my work, to coming home with everything!

I decided to have as many examples of my mosaics as possible to exhibit the wide range of pieces I can make - in retrospect probably too many things, but if people liked my work, they certainly got a good flavour of how varied it could be.  I had all sizes and prices of mosaics on show, along with my sets of flower mosaic greetings cards.

When you first arrive at your space, it is difficult to imagine how you are going to arrange and fill it in a way which will be most accessible and attractive to a passer by.  It took us a while I can tell you, and even when you think you have finished you are not sure how it will come across!  This little film shows you the end result, though I kept changing things over the weekend!

I did enjoy the whole experience.  The prospect had been really daunting - art is so personal and subjective, and you are laying yourself open to the great general public! By the end of the weekend, however, I felt reassured that my mosaics were quite a lot of people's cup of tea - phew! To have a constant stream of people asking me how I made them and enjoying the great variety of coloured, textured tiles, and the way I put them together, has given me a real boost.  I loved the camaraderie of being with the other artists and their varied work, too, in our lovely venue.

I sold quite a few mosaics and heaps of my Flora Mosaica sets of greetings cards, which was also fab.  When I think of my work in people's homes, and being looked at and enjoyed, it's a wonderful feeling.

So, the bullet has been bitten, and my first show is over.  It's good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes, isn't it?  Next year, I will know what to expect and not to expect, and I already have some new plans and ideas for it - watch this space!

Many thanks for reading,