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Monday 25 April 2016

From a pile of given tiles to a mosaic!

Hello blogger friends,

From time to time, I am given old left over tiles by friends - you know, the ones that have been in the garage for ages, but you don't quite want to throw them away, and can't be bothered to try to sell them on eBay!

Well, the other day, a friend who was coming to one of my mosaic workshops- http://www.felicityballmosaics.com/workshops.php - bought some along with her in a box and asked if I could use them.  Of course,  I never turn down tiles, and the opportunity to recycle! I didn't get a chance (with the workshop being so busy) to have a look at them until the next day , and look what I found ....!  YUM!

So, changing my work plan in the blink of an eye, I started working with them straight away.  First, I snipped them in to petal shapes - not an easy task, as they were very thick!

Then, I arranged them on a board.  I just wanted a great mass of lovely vibrant flower heads!

I decided to use the pale green tile for the background, and a spotted textured tile I use for seed heads, with brown grout setting it all off nicely!

I hope you like it - so satisfying to make something from a simple kind act of giving!

Until next time ....
Felicity x