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Wednesday 16 December 2015

The making of a sea-themed mosaic floor - part 2

Hello blogger friends!

Thanks so much for your response to the first part of my mosaic floor blog post.  It is so encouraging to have your support and interest.  Snipping away in my studio can sometimes be a bit of a solitary existence so to know that you are all out there, following my work, is really great!

Now, where was I up to in my mosaic floor commission...? Ah yes - I was starting to think about the squid, lobsters and the border.

I loved choosing the colours for the squid - greys, blues, and a cheeky bit of purple.  I decided against a 'cartoon-like' eye, and just kept them floaty and ethereal.

Lobster pots, scallops, squid and lobsters so far ...

Now, I have made lobsters before, so I had a copy of one up on my computer as I created these two.  I didn't want them in a straight line, so took a deep breath, and made them interweave a bit, which was complicated, but worth it in the end, I think you'll agree!

Lobsters together - this was tricky!

I wanted to make the border as I went along, because there is a lot of it, as you can imagine - I certainly didn't want to leave it all until the end.  So I drew templates of the crab, and the mussels and spaced them out accordingly., without being too regimented.  I think I need to order some more pale yellow tiles - I'm using a lot of those!

The first of twelve crabs to go round the border - each will be different, of course!

Starting the border, with a rope design, mussels and crabs ..

And so things are really progressing well, I think. Next, I will start to mosaic the seaweed and think about the sea, so keep an eye for part 3 of this project, and do leave me a comment about how you think it is going so far...
The mosaic so far ...

Thanks again for your support,
Felicity x