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Tuesday 11 July 2017

Mosaic art in situ - ideas for mosaics in the home and garden

Hello blogger friends,

I often ask people who buy my mosaics to send me photos of the mosaics in situ.  Partly, of course, because it is lovely to see where they finally rest, and to see how they look - and also because it gives people who are thinking of buying or commissioning a mosaic how it might look.  Often we don't purchase a piece of art, no matter how much we are drawn to it,  because we are not quite sure where to put it.  Hence the photos in situ.  I have a large collection of them now but have just chosen a few for you to have a look at, with a little explanation of each underneath.
This is a Kandinsky inspired mosaic hangs in our kitchen, and lifts my spirits every day!

Two very different mosaics in this bathroom - on the left a wave mosaic which is just tiles and wood.  On the right is a Moroccan inspired mosaic in which I have used a Mediterranean blue grout.

To the left of the door of this Coastguard's Guard cottage, is a exterior mosaic of a local scene in Devon.

In this church, I mosaiced the inside of the font and made matching wave panels each side.

See one of my garden benches nestling in this garden - a work of art, and so useful!

I made two landscape mosaics for this client who had a lot of wall space and wanted something interesting to look at while she sat at her patio table

Here is an exterior poppy mosaic to add to my client's collection of wall art.

It was hard to choose just a few examples - but I hope this gives you a small idea of how versatile my mosaics are.  If you have an idea, and would like to commission one, it really is easy - just email me - felicityball@justmosaics.co.uk- and we can discuss the possibilities.  If you want to get some idea of what it might cost, do visit my website and see all my work there for more details - www.felicityballmosaics.com

Many thanks for reading, and I would really appreciate you sharing my mosaics with anyone you think might be interested.

Felicity x