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Wednesday 14 October 2015

My Narnia story mosaic is finished!

Dear all, 

In my last blog, I told you about the Narnia story mosaic I was making.  It certainly was a challenge, and unlike anything I had ever made before - always good to push the boundaries!

Well, during the last few days, I finished it.  Once the snipping was done, the grouting began!  I use ordinary exterior white grout, with a brown tint, which really brings out the colours.  It is a long process of grouting, wiping, regrouting, filling in holes, wiping, grouting .... you get the picture!

As this is a mosaic for a garden,  I then paint the sides and back of the cement board with a neutral colour exterior paint, and seal the front with a waterproofing spray for tile and grout.  No way any moisture can get in!

And so, here is the finished mosaic - what do you think?  Do leave me a comment - it is lovely to hear from you, and I always reply :-)

Many thanks for reading,
Felicity x