Friday, 12 April 2013

Mosaics for the Sacred Heart Church - Part 2 - Getting on..!


Just thought you might like to see how I am getting on with my church commission  ... I am so enjoying making it!

The two side wave panels are designed, measured and ready to be drawn onto the wood  - let's start!

Cut and ready!

Each panel is divided into four sections with four different shades of tiles for each section - these are for the darkest part at the bottom of the wave.

Drawing the design within the wave onto the wood 

Now the start of cutting, shaping, fitting, sticking, talking to the tiles onto the template, in the lovely shapes of flowing water. 

On to the next section of four different shaded tiles blending in with the first colour combo - gradually getting lighter.

My miraculous find - a tile of gold/silver!  I wanted to put some small glimpses of light and sparkle in the water and look what I found!  Ordered for Monday!

So, all is going well - do leave me a comment and pop back for an update in a while.  My new tile will have arrived by then - very exciting!


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