Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mosaics for the Sacred Heart Church - Part 1 - Early days ...

Hello, and welcome to blogger friends, both old and new!

For the next few weeks, I will be writing about my latest commission - making two mosaic panels and creating a mosaic inside the font for the Sacred Heart Church, Westbury on Trym in Bristol!

I am very excited about this project, and wanted to share the journey with you in my blog.  If you are new to my work, please take a look at my website to get a feel of what I spend my days doing  -

This commission all started a while ago, when Monsignor Bernard, on the recommendation of a friend, gave me a ring to look into the possibility of mosaics for the church.

We had a fun meeting later on that week, with lots of ideas flying around and possibilities beginning to form.

I went back to my studio, my head buzzing with thoughts, and also gratitude for the opportunity to have my work in such an important place.

Monsignor Bernard wants to improve the area at the front of the church, which includes the font - that's where I come in!

As you can see from the photo, the font area is an alcove - a semi-enclosed space where important work is done.  My immediate thoughts were to make it all feel like a special place, so I came up with the idea of two side panels, either side of the font, tying in design-wise with the mosaic in the font.

The design will reflect flowing water, with gorgeous green and blue tiles blending together from dark shades to light shades - from darkness into light.  I have a wave shape in mind for the side panels, which felicitously fits in with the two stained glass windows to the left of the font - the glass flows vertically at the side of the windows - perfect!

And the font ..... now that's a completely different challenge.  The design will mirror the colours and feel of side panels, but there is more to be done before I can firm up the designs - watch this space!

So, enough to be filling my head with at the moment.  I will start on the side panels on Monday April 8th, as the building work starts in the church and keep you in touch with how I am doing.  I am so looking forward to this commission -  creating an enhancing and inspiring work of art for the Sacred Heart Church for years to come!

Thanks for following me on this journey, keep checking back for updates, and do get in touch if you have any questions ..

Felicity x


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