Friday, 10 May 2013

Mosaics for the Sacred Heart Church - Part 3 - wave panels complete!

It's been a busy time for my original mosaic business - and along with all my other projects and orders, I have now all but finished the two side wave panels for the church!
I think it's easier if I show you in pictures what I have been up to!

Starting to snip and stick the tiles in the shapes I want

Getting on well now!

Snipping, sticking and a good coat of looking all done - now for grouting!

It looks scarier than it is - I have gone for a good depth of grey, knowing that it dries lighter.
First wipe - many more to come!!

Done for the moment - more wiping and scrutinising to do - holes to be drilled in the spaces left for them for fixing to the wall - then paint the sides and the back in a lovely mid blue -  wipe and look again and again....!

I am so pleased with them, and, as has often been said, my mosaics look better in real life!

Now onto the font - I have just picked up the fibreglass mould - very exciting - so I've got some thinking and planning to do!
Watch this space..!



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    1. Thanks, Andria - spent 16 hours snipping and sticking this weekend on the font - it's coming on - will blog about it soon! Fx