Thursday, 12 January 2012

Studio with a view..

Hello everyone,

I had this great idea (or so I thought..!) of asking other artists on the Folksy forum to show the view from their studios - after all we spend so much time in them, I thought it would be really interesting

As with most things in life, it's a bit more complicated to do than I thought - the photo has to be already on the internet to 'embed' it in your post!

So instead I thought I'd try and post one on my trusty blog, and see if any of my noble band would like to try and post one back to me!

Here goes...

It worked!!
Would love to see what you view when you work...



  1. Nice View, I am afraid my head is glued to the computer screen for most of the day and when it isn't I try to go out of the door instead of just looking through the window. Hopefully when the weather gets better I can set up shop in my garden with my lap top; oh won't that be good; can't wait!

  2. Lovely view, mines in the corner of my bedroom so not a lot to look at!


    As you can see from this photo montage, I see a brick wall when I look out of my studio window.

    But the view inside my studio is wonderful!

  4. Well, I just look out onto part of my garden which is great when I have the window open then all I can hear are the birds, especially the rooks in some nearby trees.

  5. I work in different places depending on what I am doing so my view changes. Sometimes my view includes the TV!

    I really like your view. Looks really inspiring.

  6. Thanks for all your comments, guys - great to look out on the garden - always something different to look at for inspiration! And inside views, very important!

    Dont think I could trust myself having a TV in the studio - probably end up snipping fingers instead!

    Have you seen my film yet - on Twitvid?