Saturday, 7 January 2012

My first blog post!

Welcome to the blog of Just Mosaics!

My name is Felicity Ball, mother of three, mosaic artist, and blogging novice!  Bear with..!

Thanks for reading it, and hopefully becoming one of my noble band of followers!  I hope to post a brief blog at least weekly, and so do look out for them.

I will try to give you an insight into what I do, how I do it, and where I get my inspiration from -  sounds like a bit of therapy for me too!

I would really welcome your comments and hope you'll come back to me.

Spreading the word about my blog would be fab.

Thanks and laters



  1. Wow, I love all of your designs. They just make me feel summery, especially this months featured one. How much do they sell for and do you take requests for presents etc.

  2. I definitely take requests for presents, and would love to help - do you have something in mind? Perhaps take a look at my website - - and see what you like. I'm very versatile and just love making for someone who likes what I do!

    Be in touch and thanks for your comments


  3. Hi Felicity,

    I just saw your post on Handmade Uk; your hard work all day has paid of it looks good here and your mosaic's are very pretty. I have shared you on +1 Google.


    PS Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine

  4. Keep blogging - love the way you write...

  5. Well done on starting your blog! Love your mosaic quilt. Looking forward to reading more.....