Monday, 23 January 2012

Making mosaics 2

'I'm so excited, and I just cant hide it....!' - thanks so much to all my new members and followers - it really means a lot to me .. there are real people out there..- hooray!

Anyway, where was I..?!

Last time, I was writing a bit about my lovely tiles, and the colours, and the textures and the depth. It is true, Im afraid to say, that I do talk to the tiles - much to my childrens' embarrassment!  Well, I do say they are tiles to get you talking! They have to be right or they dont go in.  Once or twice, I have mistakenly thought - 'oh, that will do..' but no!  Every time I look at the mosaic that one tile catches my eye, and its days are numbered and has to come out!

I use the direct method of making mosaics. I draw the design on the MDF or the marine ply - sometimes I have some picture to give me some idea of form and perspective, and sometimes the design just comes out of my head.
I stick the tiles on, using craft PVA. I use MDF for interior mosaics, and treated marine ply for exterior ones - varying the width of the wood, depending on what I am making.  I have about half an hours grace to change my mind about the tiles before they are stuck - Im able to change their position or reject them.  I guess that's why my mosaics take so long to make.

When I've finally finished sticking and I think Im happy with it, I give the mosaic a good coat of looking. I have a window sill in the kitchen, where it goes for a day or two, while I look at it with a critical eye.  My family all have their opinions too - which are mostly relevant and valuable! 

Then, I am ready for the grouting - an art which I learn something new about every time..!

More in my next blog!



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