Friday, 9 January 2015

My windowsill art collection.

Hello blogger friends and a big welcome to my weekly blog!

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in my studio snipping - my mosaics take a long time to make, as I cut each tile individually!  So, the view from my worktable is very important to me.  Over the past year I have been collecting small works of art for my windowsill from some of my favourite makers, to keep my creative juices flowing and inspire me.  I'd like to share them with you.

This piece of fused glass (yes, it is glass - amazing!) is by Jane Reeves - . I love the calmness and serenity of it, and, I love to walk by the sea, so I imagine this is me!  I call it my 'mindfulness' piece.

I bought this blue tit hanging from Dawn Maciocia - last year.  It is so vibrant and uplifting, and so cleverly and carefully constructed when you examine it close up - made from torn paper, which Dawn makes herself, and it includes small pieces of text about blue tits.

Valeriane Leblond's tiny Welsh chapel hangs from my shelves, and is utterly charming - beautiful colours and textures in such a small piece! - 

This star by Therese Urbanska (Teska) is a new Christmas addition to my little collection, but I love it so much, it is going to stay up all year round!  The detail and depth of colour is beautiful, and she has created a 3D effect with layers of paper - lovely!

And finally (for the moment!), I have a small flower by Shirley Vauvelle - - I love its simplicity and the palette of muted colours.  The base is a cork, the top of which has a fragment of an old map on it - suggesting journeys made and to be made ... maybe ... (Edit : Shirley tells me that the base is in fact driftwood - lovely!)

Needless to say, this little collection gives me a lot of pleasure, as I spend my days trying to make original mosaics which give pleasure to others. Do take a look at the artists' websites and see all their other lovely work. I have my eye on a few other treasures too, so watch this space!

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Happy week!
Felicity x


  1. Hi Felicity! My granddaughters name is it!

    I was out in the very cold this morning walking my dog, and I thought of you. I had come across a frozen mud puddle where the ice in it had frozen up and broke into large chunks outlined with bits of leaves, like grout. It was so pretty, sparkling in the light. Your wonderful mosaics came to mind instantly! Have a good day!

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment, and such a lovely one! What breed of dog do you have? We have a springer! I hope to make you a mosaic one day. Fx