Friday, 23 January 2015

Mosaic blooming flowers - part 2

Hello everyone,

Here in the UK it is jolly chilly - rather pleased with this photo I took this morning of the bush outside our front door - seems to sum up how cold it is!

In the studio this week, I have finished my Flora Mosaica Collection for the Jane Reeves Gallery.  You will see I have changed the name, because 'Spring Flowers" would not have been quite true...!  My husband came up with the name - you would never guess he studied classics in his youth, would you?!

So here they are in all their glory ..

Red geraniums, daffodils, snowdrops, tulips ...
.... cosmos. buttercups and daisies, sunflower and agapanthus.

Everyone has their favourite, for all sorts of reasons - it is amazing how evocative flowers can be. Variety is indeed the spice of life! I think the two most popular mosaics though are the snowdrops and the buttercups and daisies. Maybe it is because they are depicted in a more natural setting, and not in a jug, vase, bunch - mmmmmm, something to think about for future projects maybe.

On Monday, my lovely photographer Hannah is coming round to photograph them for greetings cards, which I will be selling in sets of 8 cards very soon.  And on Wednesday, I deliver them to Jane for her to take down to her new gallery in Padstow - how exciting, and a little bit scary too.  I hope you have been keeping up with her Facebook page to see the amazing work she will have there - so varied and interesting.

You know at the end of every post I say how I love to hear from you (very true), well, a blogger friend of mine pointed out that it isn't clear exactly HOW to leave a comment - sorry about that!  I use Google's Blogger for my blog - it's great and easy to use, but you do have to have a Google + account to leave me a comment.  Please don't be put off - it's really easy to set up in minutes - you don't have to say anything about yourself if you don't want to, just register, and then, lovely blogger friends, I can hear from you, which would be great!!  Leave me a comment when you've done it, and I'll choose someone randomly to send a set of greetings cards to :-)

Here is the link to get Google + -
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With my Flora Mosaica Collection now finished, I am now able to take orders again, so if you would like me to make you a mosaic, do give me a shout - Why not have a little browse through my website?  -

Thank you for reading my weekly blog - and I would love to hear which is YOUR favourite flower and why.

A bientôt,
Felicity x

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