Friday, 30 January 2015

Mosaics to enhance your space!

Hello blogger friends!

Quick update on the Flora Mosaica Collection ... all done - photographed and delivered!

A month's work!  They will be available as a set of 8 greetings cards very soon.

I've been thinking about buying art this week (following on from this blog article - -), and a lot of it has to do with having the right place to put it.

So I have gathered a few photos of where customers have put my mosaics - after all, one of my aims is to 'enhance your space'!  Here they are.

Two landscape mosaics on a patio

A hyacinth mosaic in a bathroom

A John Dory mosaic in a fish restaurant

A Gaudi inspired sun bowl on a garden wall

An oak mosaic in a shower room

A robin mosaic on a patio wall
A mosaic table in Jamie's Italian, Bristol

A tulip mosaic in a kitchen

They look alright, don't they? If you have a space to enhance, do get in touch -

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Happy weekend!


  1. Really enjoyed looking at your mosaics in their homes...all very beautiful.

    Happy almost February!

    1. Thanks Jane - yes, it was rather nice to get them altogether for my blog post :-)