Friday, 12 December 2014

Sunflower mosaics!

Hello blog friends!

It's been a week full of sunflowers here at mosaic HQ! - just as well as we have been hit by this new phenomenon to us in the UK, a 'weather bomb'!
I have been so looking forward to making this commission.  My customer wanted a sunflower exterior mosaic in the shape of my spring flowers mosaic (see below) and the rest was up to me!
I have taken photos for you along the way which pretty much speak for themselves.  As I write, it is not finished yet - I have to choose the right shade of blue for the sky, grout it and then paint the sides and the back with weatherproof paint.  I use two coats of Cuprinol shades paint - brilliant coverage and colours!
First, the design - I looked closely at heaps of images of sunflowers, their stalks and their leaves.

Choosing the tiles from all my lovely sunflower colours is always tricky, but more isn't necessarily better, so I stuck with these little beauties!
Then I had a day or two of cutting and sticking and looking...

.....leaves and stalks were then added ...


....and then the very intricate seed centres!

As you can see, I have used two different shades and depth of brown tile to give the seed head a rounded, 3D effect.

And that's where I am up to at the moment - I will post a picture of the finished mosaic next Friday when all is done!
I really am pleased with it, and have enjoyed working with these lovely sunny colours.
Thanks so much for reading my blog- do leave me a comment and give it a share - every little helps!
Same time, same place next week?!

Felicity x

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