Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Felicity Ball mosaics blog NEWS!

Hello everyone!

..... you all, from all over the world!

It's a funny old thing, a blog because you don't really know sometimes as you sit down to write it,  if anyone is listening!  It's not really the point, of course, I simply enjoy writing it - increasingly so over the past year.  I have lots of ideas for interesting and varied posts for you, and hope you're out there enjoying them!

I have always valued my blog, planned and researched it carefully so I hope it is always worth a read.  I have a delicious hour or two on a Friday afternoon to myself and plan to write it weekly then - so you may like to have a look at it over the weekend with a coffee or a glass of something!  I love to read your comments so do leave one - I ALWAYS read them and reply.  This is a living, breathing blog!!

Also, and rather importantly at the moment , it is MINE!  I am in control of what goes in and when and how often, with the help from your valuable feedback and engagement.  Facebook are changing the rules about post reach in the new year which means it is more difficult to reach you, that is if you want to be reached! Of course, my Facebook page - - continues to buzz as before in the hope my posts pop up in your newsfeed - just click on the 'get notifications' tab under where you liked my page.

During the week, I have a sticky memo note on the desktop of my laptop and jot down things to include in my Friday blog for you, so look forward to catching up with you then!  Please share my blog with anyone you think might be interested in my work - thank you!

Felicity x

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