Friday, 19 December 2014

A new social media platform for my mosaics!

Happy Friday, blogger friends!

I hope this find you well and looking forward to a change (not necessarily a break!) over Christmas.

I finished the sunflowers mosaic - just need to pack it up and send it off now - used our 'proper' camera to get a good photo of it for you - what do you think?!

I am really pleased with it, and think I will add it to my website in the New Year, so customers can order one, if they like -

I have launched a new range of mosaics this week too - I have called them 'flower gems' as they are small and precious, and only £20 incl UKP&P  £25 RoW.  I am going to make them in all sorts of colour combos, grout colours, using millefiori, glass beads and so on - anywhere my imagination leads me - can't wait!  I have a few events coming up where smaller mosaics will be just the ticket!

A flower gem mosaic

Also this week I have joined the social media site tsu (pronounced Sue!).  A lot of my artist friends have joined it, as Facebook are restricting our post reach now, and it seems a good place to be - so I will do both!  The link to my tsu page is if you would like to join - you would be very welcome! If you are wondering what it is all about, here is a helpful article about tsu -

Thanks for reading my weekly blog, and if you think your friends might enjoy it too, perhaps you could let them know about it - that would be great :-)

Felicity x


  1. I love your sunflower mosaic - just what's needed in the depths of winter!

    1. Thanks Liz - longest day tomorrow, then the only way is light!! Fx

  2. Really pretty! ! I love the sunflowers.

    1. Thank you - all the way from Israel! I love making sunflowers :-) Fx