Tuesday, 18 December 2012

My Facebook experience - part 2

Forgive me!  But I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with my Facebook experience so far...

After my false start (long story!) with Facebook, then having to set up my own page, I began to realise the potential of Facebook for connecting with other artists and interested people, sharing work, interacting, reaching a greater audience, and generally have a buzzing Facebook page- how exciting!  One billion users!

It hasn't quite worked out like that for me yet, and yes, I am impatient, but I love to connect with people and to be busy in my studio so, as I said before, forgive me.

So, as I hope and look forward to a bit more Facebook action, I have tried to make my page an even more fun and interesting place to be! I have added apps all for FREE to enhance your visiting experience!

A spot of mosaic colour!
It wasn't difficult - really - it did take a while, but I really quite enjoyed it.  Maybe you would like to do something similar on your Facebook page?  Here's a quick sharing of what I did, so you don't have to go through all I went through!

I added my Pinterest and Twitter apps from www.woobox.com, and made my  reviews app myself by using the html option and copying and pasting the reviews clients had kindly sent me.
I set up my own little store app with www.bigcartel.com which allows payment to be taken by Paypal, which is reassuring.
Finally, I created my own art gallery using www.artweb.com which was, once again, easy and fun to set up.  All done!

Please take a look at all my efforts and show me how friendly and outreaching Facebook can be!

If I can help at all with you setting up apps on your page, with my limited experience, I would be delighted to!


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