Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New Year from Just Mosaics!

Hello everyone!

Not quite the New Year, but I feel brimming over with excitement for plans and mosaic commissions and possibilities.
Starting next week (Thurs Jan 3rd 2013), I am starting a weekly event - Artist of the Week - on my lovely Facebook page -
It's a great chance for me to discover all sorts of artists and to share their work on a regular basis on my page.
I would really appreciate if you all would spread the word, and encourage artists to contact me via my Facebook page.
All art media from anywhere in the world are welcome - whether you sell your art or just dabble - I would need a few images and some contact details, and who knows ... ?! - the miracle of the world wide web!
Two of these lovely mosaic design drops are going to be given away on my Facebook page in January 2013 - - colour combo of your choice - wall art or table ware, it's up to you! Just like and share my page to enter :-)
If it's something you are interested in, please get in touch - a bit of free exposure is always welcome!  I know how hard it is for artists to get their work out there - whether people like it or not is up to them - the subjectivity of art! - but for it to be seen, is the first step!
I cant do it without you, so let's make this something great for the start of 2013!


  1. hi Felicity, great idea to promote other artists. Where would I send any images etc to?
    Ley Holloway

  2. Hi Ley - Happy New Year to you too!
    Please email a few of your favourite images of your work and the contact details you would like on my page - I'll let you know when your slot on my Facebook page is - perhaps you could promote it via your social media too..?