Friday, 13 February 2015

Simple pleasures

I don't know about you, blogger friends, but I always look forward to reading an optimistic blog post - I especially like the ones that take you back to appreciate the simple things in life.  It is somehow reassuring that others think and do the same as you do to. I try to practice mindfulness in my life - being in the present moment as much as possible -

So, this week I have been collecting some photos of simple things for you, that have made me happy.  I hope you can relate to them and I would love to hear of some of your simple pleasures that make you stop, and take a moment ...

I am lucky to live near lovely places and have a lovely dog to walk every day - these woods are a particular favourite!

This photo of snowdrops was taken by my husband outside my studio - I regularly get distracted by them!

I finished the penguins mosaic this week - am really pleased with how it turned out!

One of my favourite lunches - yum!

It's been jolly cold here recently - nothing like a hot bath by candlelight!

And finally, this week I have launched my new Flora Mosaica greetings card range! A set of 8 high quality cards, individually wrapped and blank for own message.  I ship them all over the world.  For more details, please visit my Ready to Post Shop -

So, it's been a good week.  I am so heartened to see more of you each week giving my blog the old thumbs up with a Google+ recommendation - thank you, it really makes all the difference!

I hope your week ahead is full of simple pleasures :-)
Felicity x


  1. Hello! It's lovely to meet you and to see your beautiful mosaics. I went on a mosaics for the garden course many years ago but have never actually got round to making anything - my tile snippers seemed to have a mind of their own and the results weren't good! I love your penguins, they're just fantastic :-) xx

    1. Thank you! I think a lot of people give mosaics a go - I just got hooked! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog :-) Fx