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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The story of a mosaic commission

Hello all,

I love being commissioned to make a completely original and personal mosaic.  I love a  challenge and to find ways of creating something new with tiles.

So, it all starts with a customer liking my mosaics, having an idea of a special mosaic and getting in touch. This particular customer, Ellie, lived close to me so we arranged for her to come round and have a chat.

She wanted me to make a mosaic for her sister's 40th birthday.  In it, she wanted a particular sailing boat her and her sister sail in on the Sussex coast, some trees suggesting the New Forest, a 'B' for her sister's initial and 40 on the sail.  We chose a range of tiles that she liked, and I could work with.  Then she left it up to me.

'Right,' I thought - 'interesting!' I firstly researched the sailing boat she wanted, and found an image of the sideways view I was looking for.  Then I looked for clumps of trees in the New Forest, and found an image of one that would work in the mosaic.

I started by drawing the design on the wood, and when I was happy with the proportions and detail,  I got on with some snipping and sticking!

As I was making the boat, I realised that it needed people in it - and who better than Ellie and her sister?!  So I found out what colour her sister's hair was, and what colour life jackets they wear - it's all in the detail! Better have some seagulls too ..  And here it is....!

I so enjoyed it all - love to make something new!

If you have an idea for a special mosaic, have a look at my website as a guide to sizes and prices - www.felicityballmosaics.com - and do get in touch! felicityball@justmosaics.co.uk

Felicity x

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