Friday, 7 November 2014

My Facebook page and my mosaic business

Make no bones about it, friends, my Facebook page - - is very important to me and my mosaic business.
I held out getting one for a long time for ignorant and stubborn reasons - I freely admit it.  I didn't know how it all worked, I had heard all the negative stuff about Facebook and it just wasn't me - how wrong was I?!
I paid someone to set up my first Facebook business page, which was good and bad.  Good, as it gave me an introduction to how things worked etc (not so scary after all) - but bad, because I had to go through this administrator every time I wanted to post something. In the end, I realised it wasn't really a reflection of me - there was no spontaneity or personality about it. I sincerely believe, that if you are going to connect with an artist online, you need to 'know' the person a little, trust them, get a sense of who they are and how they work.
So two years ago, to the day practically, I told this administrator, I wanted to run the page myself, and within five minutes, it had been shut down with all the posts and likes I had built up gone ... yes GONE! - shattering - boy, do you live and learn?!
So I started up again myself from scratch. It wasn't easy at first, but I felt SO much happier doing it all in my own way, and letting followers get to know me a bit, if they wanted to, that is!  Over these two years, I have tried to find ways of making my page interesting, and a place where people want to come back to and interact with.  I really enjoy the whole experience.

I like to respond quickly to comments, so that fb friends know I am here, and that I appreciate them taking the time.  Any knowledge I have about mosaics, I love to share and help people get in that lovely creative zone, which I am privileged enough to be in for my job.  I know people like to see work in progress, hear of new commissions, see where I work, what materials I use, enter giveaways, see finished work in situ and so on.  And, I try not to post too much ... ;-)
And then, of course, lovely people BUY my mosaics which never fails to give me a buzz :-) - liking them enough to want them in their houses and spending real money on them - amazing! Whether it is an order from my website -, a commission or a post-the-next-day purchase from my Facebook shop - they honestly all mean a great deal to me.
I am not good at selling my work, and that's a FACT! It's all too personal and does something funny to my insides!  So, to have my Facebook page and be able to showcase my mosaics, is invaluable to me, and I never take it for granted!  I can make a new mosaic during the day, post a photo of it in the evening and it can be off to someone's house the very next day - how fabulous is that!

But it's not ALL about mosaics on my page. I am very much enjoying sharing my 'take a moments' with everyone, encouraging us all just to stop for a moment and 'smell the flowers' in our busy lives.  I love sharing other artists work - there is so much out there to be introduced to and appreciated.
Our dog, Pip, my faithful companion, gets a showing from time to time (sorry non-dog lovers!), as do short films, the odd funny, discussions from the newspaper, your advice on a mosaic, links to blogs and articles, and so it goes on.  I aim to keep my page lively, interesting, varied and buzzing - and in turn, fb friends are kind enough to like, share, comment and order - what a great partnership!

So if you are one of my Facebook friends, THANK YOU, don't stop, and why not subscribe to  my blog - see right?  And if you are one of my blog friends, THANK YOU too, and come on over to my lovely Facebook page - - give it a like and join the gang!
It's great to have you ALL with me :-)
Felicity x


  1. I'm sorry to read about your bad experience with an administrator, but I'm sure you will have an even better page created by yourself. You are very talented. I don't do facebook, but I read your blog and I just love your mosaics. I have never purchased one because I'm sure the shipping would be outrageous to ship to Texas. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your creations, so please keep it up.

    1. Hi Deborah - thanks for your comment - I really appreciate it! Funny you should say that about shipping to the US, I had the same conversation with a lady from the US this week, and for a 15cm x 20cm mosaic, it is £40 incl USP&P and she ordered one! I don't think £6 extra is too bad, do you? If I can be of any further help, why don't you email me - Would love to make one for you! Fx