Saturday, 22 February 2014

New mosaics using millefiori!

Ooooooo - I am very excited about using millefiori for the first time!  They are wonderful nuggets of colour and pattern - a thousand flowers!
I must be careful not to overuse them because they really do something to me - I know, I must get out more!  Unfortunately they are not cheap - having said that I have just found a good deal on Amazon, and already I am impatient for them to come!
Here is my first mosaic using them and is on eBay for a three day auction starting today (Sat 22nd Feb!)
I love looking at this mosaic - the colours are soooo vibrant and the tiles are different depths giving it a lovely 3D texture.  Might have to bid for it myself - now that IS sad!
Do take a look - what do you think?
Felicity x


  1. They are indeed very pretty and eye catching.

    1. Thanks Deborah - it's good to use something new!

  2. Putting arts for mosaic tiles, that’s impressive and very creative.
    I have also get some ides from here Mosaic Tile