Monday, 10 February 2014

Just Mosaics and eBay

Hello everyone,

Just to let you know that I am now selling and auctioning my mosaics on eBay!

It wasn't as scary as I thought, and I now understand how it works a bit more.  To start with, I thought I would sell my smaller mosaics, and auction some of my bigger pieces - so why not take a look and see if you can grab yourself a bargain?!

Here is the link -

Just one of my mosaics up for auction at eBay!

It would be GREAT if you could show my mosaics some eBay love!

Thank you!


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  2. Just searching for ideas for my mom's birthday this weekend and so glad I came across this.
    I have a ton of tiles in the garage that would make for an excellent project.
    I'm thinking a bit of a twist though and making a mosaic jewelery box. Thanks for the great idea! Mosaic Tile