Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Antonio Gaudi - 'God's architect"

Some of my work is influenced by the amazing and eccentric Antonio Gaudi.

He lived in Spain in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and most of his distinctive work can be seen in Barcelona.  His passions were architecture, nature and religion, which can all be seen reflected in his work.

He delighted in integrating ceramics, stained glass, wrought ironwork and wood in his original designs, and organic style.

He didn't plan his work, he just let it emerge and lead him, at times.

This mosaic is on the ceiling of a courtyard within the wonderful Park Guell
My mosaic sun bowl is inspired by it!
A building in Barcelona designed by Gaudi

A section of the Sagrada Familia - plus cranes!

An example of this is the Sagrada Familia - which is one of the most visited monuments in Spain.  It is still a work in progress, but reflects Gaudi's religious devotion.  He was nicknamed "God's architect".

His work is breath taking and unforgettable.

See some more of his work on my Pinterest board - http://pinterest.com/justmosaics/antonio-gaudi-god-s-architect/



  1. Great inspiration! Im a huge Gaudi fan too. I love BCN for lots of other reasons but I think its all the Gaudi work there that seals the deal for me! Its how buildings and spaces should be- interactive, natural and organic- even Cathedrals. Such a shame he died before he was finished with Sagrada Familia- bet it wouldnt have taken him this long to get it done ;)

    1. Quite agree - apparently he died after he was hit by a tram and they didn't get medical attention to him because they thought he was a pauper.
      Thanks for leaving a comment

  2. I`m a fan too, loved the park and the way he disigned the top to recycle water, way ahead of his time. His work is so beautiful not surprised it inspires you.


  3. I couldn't believe how off the wall some of his work was/is - but his patron just said - do what you want! How lovely!
    Thanks for commenting

  4. If I were a architect like you. Though I'm not if I was I 'm not good enough as you. The design u made in Barcelona is excellent. Another thing that is really is really a beauty is your choice of tiles.

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  5. Thanks, Mahmudul - I'm always on the look out for unusual tiles!

  6. wow, lovely! Beautiful colors--and it's always nice when you come across a project that's fun and easy to do, with great results.
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