Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Orignal mosaic art goes to London!

Just a wee blogette as the handmade in Britain show in the gallery@oxo approaches...

We leave tomorrow with car packed and hopes high - well, you've got to go for it, haven't you?

I'm happy with what I have made, and my trusty iPad slideshow will be showing all that I can make, and have made, and would be happy to make again!

Below are some of the examples of my exclusive work for the show..

                                             London Impressions

Design drops - for table or wall art

Variation on a theme of blues and greens

Thames Barge

Funky Union Jack - well, it is the Olympics and the Jubilee!
My original variation

A new line of bistro tables
The unknown is both exhilarating, challenging and scary - it's all about believing in yourself and what you do. This isnt always easy, is it? -  but with a bit of discipline and determination, CAN be done - seize the day!

I will be tweeting regularly from the show about all the amazing work there - @justmosaics - and will blog on my return, with lots of stories to tell, I hope!!



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