Monday, 21 May 2012

Mosaics in London did good!

The sun is out, and it's time for a blog!

First view of THE Oxo Tower!
First of all, many thanks for all the support and good wishes I had with me in show, in London.

It was a challenging experience - some amazing handmade work being showcased, from textiles, to silverware, jewellery to..mosaics! - it was great to be among them.

The gang of amazing designers down my end!
I think I did what I set out to do, that is get my unusual unique mosaic art out there to see what people really thought of it!  Scary but necessary!

My place!
I found that people either hardly glanced at my 'stall', or absolutely loved my mosaics!  So, when I had had enough people loving them, I didnt feel quite so upset at the glancers!  I took every opportunity to give out my business cards - the other designer/makers laughed at me because I had a target number to give out each day - well, no good them sitting gathering dust in my studio!

My new greeting cards
I sold ten pieces for cold hard cash, gathered contacts for future projects (I hope), gave out heaps of business cards, and sold over a hundred of my new greetings cards (see website!).  I was delighted how they went down and already have some stockists for them. I'm realising what a great way it is to get my work out there as well!

So, all good - shattering, exhilarating, exciting, scary and lots of other things besides.  Great people around me to get to know in the quiet times, and brilliant to be on the Southbank!

Promise, that's it - no more about!


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  1. You certainly did do good! Fantastic Felicity!I hope the contacts will turn out positive too.
    Kate x