Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How I make a mosaic - preparing for the oxo@gallery in May ...

!. Draw the design and choose tile palette - the easy bit!
2. Start snipping - the hard bit! I'm thinking about the height, shade and texture of the Houses of Parliament.
3. The buildings are done - I'm happy with perspective and feel. 
4. Now the sky - new palette of colours - different shape and mood of tiles.
5. I was brave with the sky colours - right decision!
6. Now the water and the reflections - very challenging!

7. Snipping finished - now I'll give it a good coat of looking to see if I need to change anything.

8. I'm happy now to grout..what colour pigment?
9. Chocolate, I think - it brings the colours out so vividly.
10. It's like spreading butter on bread, icing on a cake..!
11. Ow! Now for the sore bit - my best tools, my fingers!
12. Grouting done - time for cleaning!

13. The finished work of art - really pleased!

14. ...from a distance- more atmospheric - even better in real life!

But don't take my word for it - do come and see my work at the gallery@oxo, London from May 10th to May 13th 2012

Look forward to seeing you there!


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  1. That's a really lovely effect, very impressive, I contributed a couple of pieces to a large mosaic to commemorate the famous lifeboat at Lynmouth a few years ago, my only experience.