Thursday, 22 March 2012

handmade in Britain - London: a celebration - the journey begins..!

I am working hard on some new pieces for the handmade in Britain  London: a celebration in the gallery@oxo on 10 - 13 May.

Variations - azure
There are so many things to think about - I have to sit myself down, and work through one thing at a time. What most grounds me is the actual making of mosaics - the process of snipping, gluing, grouting, looking, thinking and occasionally talking to the tiles!  It's just something I know how to do - no one has taught me - I can see when something is wrong, right, when it really works, or when I'm going to have to start again! It's just the way it is, and I'm very grateful for that.
Variations - cappuccino

But, I know just sitting here in my lovely studio snipping all day, listening to music and Desert Island Discs will not get my work out there, and that's where all the other stuff comes in that can scramble the old grey cells!

I have now employed someone to do my marketing.  We had our first meeting this week and it was great - we are, as they say, on the same page!

All these things I have to consider . I'm thinking of my 'brand', exactly what I offer, and what I don't.   Customers love to meet the artist (I hope!) and find out where inspiration comes from, all about the process of making and why it is all so important.
Variations - fire
I value highly what I do.  People obviously have different tastes, but I still want their appreciation of my work and what I'm about.

The gallery@oxo exhibition will give me a great opportunity to interact with a knowledgeable crafty/design audience. I am looking forward to finding out what interests them, and why they like original work.  I love talking and listening to people so I'm hoping that my four days in the contemporary crafts and design fair at gallery@oxo will be an enlightening experience for all of us!

So much food for thought! Follow me on my journey!



  1. Stopped by after seeing your blog update on handmade in britain. I am also in the South West. Your tiles are utterly amazing!!! Zoe

  2. Good luck Felicity - sounds like you have the right attitude to me! And I love the Variations in your post, the colours are gorgeous x

  3. Hi felicity, just popped in to say hi from ukhandmade/twitter etc etc and good luck for the show. Will try to come and say hello.

  4. Hi Felicity, have really enjoyed looking at your blog. You must be very proud and excited about your gallery show. Well done and Good Luck !!!!

  5. Wow, how exciting! Good luck at the OXO Tower I'm trying hard not to be jealous.

  6. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement - it should be quite a few days!
    I intend to blog weekly building up to the event if you fancy following..
    Felicity (with sore fingers!)

  7. Hi Felicity, I don't know how but you seem to have been able to get into my head and read my thoughts! I feel exactly the same way about my work, I also love what i make and would rather be creating but realise that no one will see my work!! I intend to join the facebook/web/blog fraternity a.s.a.p. Good luck with the show, your work is amazing!

  8. Thanks Jayne - lovely to get your comment - glad I'm not alone!!
    Hope you will follow me on my journey.