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Monday 27 May 2019

Mosaic commission for OMD telephone box

Hello Blogger friends,

Sorry not to have written for a while, but I like to choose carefully the subject of my posts, and try and only write about mosaic projects I think you might be interested in.

So, how about this one?

I received an email and then a follow up call recently, from a lady in North West England who had an interesting project she wanted help with.
She is a super fan of the band, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD omd.uk.com), and a group of fans had acquired the telephone box in The Wirral which the band used in the eighties as their office, before the arrival of mobile phones.
They were in the process of renovating it.  They had had had art work commissioned for the windows, a new telephone installed with messages from the band and so on.- brilliant!

She asked me if I would quote for a mosaic floor for the telephone box, in the style of one of their album covers.  Never a dull moment in my job!

So we agreed on the size 80cm x 80cm, design, colours and price, and I am very much looking forward to start making it very soon.  It will be on cement board, using porcelain tiles, exterior grout and glue, and then we will seal it.

Keep a look out for updates!
Thanks for reading,
Felicity x

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