Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Narnia themed mosaic table - work in progress ...

Hello, blogger friends!

A while ago I made a Narnia story mosaic for a client's garden - see below

Thankfully, she liked to it so much, she has commissioned me to make a table to complement it.  The table top is quite a big area - 70cm x 70cm square. I make the mosaic on weather proof cement board, and use porcelain tiles, so it can either go inside or outside.  I have sourced a table frame of that size onto which the mosaic top will be attached and sealed.

My client and I are collaborating closely on the design, deciding to have a large head of Aslan, the lion in the middle, surrounded by various iconic Narnia images.

I have to say the lion was a real challenge - I have a limited range of porcelain tile colours to blend - here are work in progress pictures, as I built his face up ...

... and here is Aslan, with all his snipping done!

...rather a handsome chap, I think!

Then onto to some other Narnia images, my client wanted, the lamppost ...

.... a squirrel ....

...and a deer, so far ...

It has been very enjoyable creating all these animals, and I look forward to making more, along with the spring woodland scene.  I will update you in a few weeks - these things take time!

Many thanks for reading, and it would be great if you could share my work with your friends and followers.

Felicity x

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