Saturday, 4 April 2015

Making a mosaic using vintage tiles.

The Easter holidays are upon us here, blogger friends - so usual routine is out of the window.  It's good to have change sometimes though, isn't it?

As the children are older now, I am able to get quite a lot of work done in the holidays, which is great - though I have to be ready to stop at any moment to sort something out, or be a taxi for someone.  That's OK - that's part of the deal!

From time to time, Sue from Yay Retro kindly gets in touch about some vintage china she has, and I might be interested in for a mosaic.  I received a box from her this week to find cups and saucers and I was able to get these lovely pieces of china from them.  They are very delicate to snip and often just shatter when I approach them with my snippers!

Sometimes, I'm not sure what to make with special tiles like this, but with these I just knew straight away - a mosaic teapot wall hanging, and a big one too - 35cm x 35xm!  I just love the shape of teapots.
So I drew out my friendly teapot design, and asked my husband to cut it out in thick MDF so it would have a chunky feel too.  When he came back from the garage with two teapot shapes for me, he said - "Mmmmm - not the easiest ....!"

It took a lot of thought how I was going to use the tiles - I only had a limited number - hotchpotch, a pattern ..... ?!  In the end I chose three contrasting plain coloured tiles as well  to complement the lovely vintage tiles.  As I was making it, I had that tell-tale excited feeling that I have when something is going well, and that good feeling it is going to turn out well.

And I was right - I really am so pleased with my vintage mosaic teapot!  What do you think?

Happy Easter, everyone!
Felicity x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

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