Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A celebration of colour - my latest Kandinsky inspired mosaic!

Hello blogger friends!

As you can probably gather from my work, I absolutely LOVE colour!  It gets me all excited, and I can't get enough of it.

I have just finished my latest commission of a Kandinsky inspired mosaic, and though I say it myself, I just love it and can't stop looking at it!

It measures 60cm x 120cm, and is destined for a new extension in Oxford, where it will be the only piece of art and the walls are white - fab!

And here it is.... ta dah!

My customer came to see me with a rough idea of the colours she wanted, and a few she didn't want - fair enough - and then, just left the rest to me.

So, unable to wait, as soon as she had gone, I got out my wheels of colour (tile samples - see below) and started choosing a palette for her commission.

Now, you can't have too many colours, otherwise the piece doesn't come together as it should, but you want a good mixture of light and dark with lots in between and one or two really bright ones - here the lime green and the mango.

Choosing the colour combinations for each square is more difficult than you might think, and I changed my mind so many times.  Sometimes it just comes to you, other times you have to be more methodical, not wanting colours that are too similar near each other - and sometimes, you do a colour combo that it just completely off the wall, and it works!

I shall be very sad to see this mosaic go - I like to think of each square as a little work of art in itself.  And what you can't see in the photo is the amazing 3D effect the different depths of tiles gives it - you just want to stroke it, soooo textural!

Needless to say, I am always happy to make more - any size and colour combo, so if you have a space that needs to be made HAPPY, do get in touch!

Just to say, to all my overseas friends, I ship my original mosaics all over the world and have an Etsy shop with some samples of my work to buy - do take a look!

Felicity x

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