Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My new, better-than-ever, made-over blog about mosaics and beyond..!

Hello everyone,

I have spent so long fiddling around with my new look blog that I have just got to share it will you - the dog isn't that interested!

I wanted to give my mosaic-and-beyond blog a little make over and freshen things up a bit.  Humour me - this is what I've done!
So, new modern font, but not too whacky, a new header photo and title font, lots of exciting new things in the side tabs for you to click on, including my new source of chocolate money - Adsense!
Folksy has a new widget too which shows you my latest work, but, of course there is loads more in my shop for you to have a look at.
I'm not allowed to show you lovely lot any more for some reason, so, my noble band of followers, you are in my thoughts but just not in the side column!
There are a few new colour combos and text size - I'm told these things matter! - up-to-date links, and a lovely shiny new Google+ button, if you should feel so inclined!

Enough, enough - I hear you say - we can see for ourselves, Felicity!

Feedback would be great - go on, do take a mo, and leave me a comment!  My old Dad always used to say, that we are like performing seals and need a fish from time to time!  Thank you!

Now I MUST get back to snipping - laters!

Felicity x

PS If anyone can tell me how I change the titles' font in the side bar I would very grateful - can't spend anymore time on it - aaaarrggghhh!!


  1. It looks really nice. I think you have to go into "advanced" to fix the side bar.

  2. Putting arts for mosaic tiles, that’s impressive and very creative.
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