Thursday, 3 October 2013

A rare chance to deliver a mosaic bench!

Hello, everyone!
What an exciting day yesterday - just wanted to share it with you!
It's not every day I get to deliver one of my mosaics in person, but we did yesterday, with this bench!
It is made from tanalised wood, is 1.8m x .4m and can be used inside or out - with a wipe clean surface, which is also a work of art!

We delivered it partly because I couldn't get a reasonable delivery price for a piece this big, but also because I put my heart and soul into making my mosaics and I wanted to see its new home and meet its new owners!
So we packed it carefully in the car - with Pip, our springer, of course - well, he wasn't going to miss out on the fun! - and off we went!
Pip wont be left behind!
I cant deliver all of my large mosaics - I wouldn't like to mislead you - but this wasn't too far away and seemed to be the best option all round!
My client's mother was there to take delivery of the bench, and showed us through to her lovely garden, where it was going to live ..
As the bench is heavy, we put it in the place her daughter wanted it to go ..
..before ... 

...and after!

Ta dah!  ....and there it is, in its new home!  They are both so delighted with it - and it means a great deal to me.
I received this lovely email from my client last night ..
'Hi Felicity,
A huge Thankyou!  I can't stop looking at it! Its absolutely beautiful, and incredibly comfortable to sit on.  You are very talented, and very kind to bring it all the way from Bristol
I'm going to put slabs underneath the legs to straighten it up, as the ground there is a bit humpy bumpy.  But it is stunning, and my brother is coming tomorrow, so mum can show it off!
Thankyou sooo much, for making it, I'm thrilled to bits!  I've never seen anything quite like it.
It really is amazing.'

So, a great day all round, and we found a lovely park to give Pip a walk in too!

If you are interested in ordering one of my benches or tables, do follow this link for more details -

How do you think the bench looks in its new home?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Felicity x

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  1. Beautiful Bench and it looks gorgeous in her garden xo

  2. Thanks, Karen - it was one of those really good days! Fx

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