Monday, 2 September 2013

Mosaic Kandinsky wall hanging finished!

Hello everyone,

The mosaic Kandinsky wall hanging is finished, and here it is in all its glory!

Very pleased with it - and in real life, the colours and textures are stunning!

It is 50cm x 160cm, and has been commissioned for a house in Devon, in which all the other walls are blank.
I will post pictures of it in situ when I have them.

What do you think?

Felicity x


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Deborah - thanks for leaving a comment, and so glad you like it! Fx

  2. great work !
    it must be quite heavy, i wonder how you hang this on the wall ?
    oooh, all these practical questions i want to ask you o the workshop... so happy i can be there :-)

  3. Just searching for ideas for my mom's birthday this weekend and so glad I came across this.
    I have a ton of tiles in the garage that would make for an excellent project.
    I'm thinking a bit of a twist though and making a mosaic jewelery box. Thanks for the great idea! Mosaic Tile