Saturday, 10 August 2013

Join me on my Variations commission journey- a mosaic inspired by Kandinsky.

Hello everyone,

Great news!

I have been commissioned to make a big Variations mosaic - inspired by Kandinsky
This is the Kandinsky that inspired my mosaics

It is always very exciting to have a new commission - especially making one of my favourite mosaics - it's the colours that always do it for me!
This is the mosaic that hangs in our kitchen - I wont part with it!
My clients came round with a swatch of their curtain, and after a long chat and coffee about nothing to do with mosaics, they chose some of tiles from my wide selection, to complement the curtains and to add some colour to their room.
The curtain material swatch

The tile colours chosen by my clients - lots to work with!
So, now to order the 19ml MDF - 60cm by 160cm - a whopper!

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I will continue to take mosaic orders on my website during this commission so do have a look and see if anything catches your eye!

See you soon,

Felicity x

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  1. Just searching for ideas for my mom's birthday this weekend and so glad I came across this.
    I have a ton of tiles in the garage that would make for an excellent project.
    I'm thinking a bit of a twist though and making a mosaic jewelery box. Thanks for the great idea! Mosaic Tile