Friday, 10 February 2012

Mosaic buzz words

I have been having a fun time this week making my new mosaic buzz words!

It all started when I saw this wall hanging in a catalogue before Christmas - 'joie de vivre', and kept coming back to it.  So I ordered two, one for a  friend who feels the same way as me, and one for our kitchen - and here it is!  I liked the idea of being being reminded that my cup should be half full!

That got me thinking... There are lots of other words out there that can do the same thing and that's when my head started buzzing with them all, and buzz words were born!

It's been really hard to choose a few examples  but hopefully  they give you a feel of what I'm trying to do here.

 Everyone will have their own words that mean something to them - I can't wait to mosaic them, and then know they are up somewhere doing their thing -  like an investment in life!  I'm amazed how many times I look at 'joie de vivre' and think '...oh, yes - come on ..!'

I've also had alot of fun (it doesn't take much..!) trying to match the font and the colours to the mood of the word - hug - warm, zest - bright, welcome - colourful, now - strident, and so on.. The possibilities are endless! I know it's only a small thing in the great scheme of things, but it can make a difference, and if it does, how good is that? - spread the joy and seize the day!

What's your buzz word?


  1. Brilliant idea, I have been thinking of doing the same thing but sea know....Beach, Sea, Surf...bla bla!! But I am liking your ideas very much...and the colours! It is amazing how a word, or an emotion has it's is just finding it! My buzzword must be Life's A Beach...corney, but sums up my dream/life style!

  2. Thanks for your comment - I just really enjoyed making these! Nothing corny about the beach! Wish I lived closer to one!