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Thursday 9 June 2016

The making of a mosaic bistro table

Hello blogger friends!
I hope this finds you well.
I have been very busy recently making some bespoke bistro mosaic tables - must be the onset of summer!
I really enjoy making them, as not only are they a mosaic work of art, but they are also very practical.  I make the tables using porcelain tiles which are tough and frost resistant, using weatherproof cement board as my base, and waterproof glue and grout.  They are all ready then for whatever the weather might throw at them!
I start off by drawing the basic design on the cement board.  Cement board is tricky to cut, and we have a special blade for the saw - this size is 60cm in diameter.
I then choose the porcelain tile colours and get snipping.  I make the initial cuts with my porcelain cutters, then use my ordinary snippers to shape the pieces more carefully.
See the mosaic table progress below -

Finally, I grouted the table with a beige grout which brings all the colours out beautifully.

I hope you like it - my client says it makes her smile every time she looks at it!

Until next time,
Felicity x


  1. Hi! Love your design. Can you post a picture of the type/style of porcelain cutter you use? When I look them up it has the regular large tile cutters that are used for laying tile flooring. Also, what kind of saw blade do you buy to cut the cement board? Thanks!

  2. Yes could you please provide more info. regarding the special saw blade. Thank you!

  3. May I ask , this will be my first project with mosaic work. I’m a stained glass artist. Wondering is you can help me with finding a simple pattern for a Bistro table .

  4. Hi there!

    Your mosaic bistro tables sound absolutely gorgeous! I'm always amazed by the artistry that goes into creating mosaic pieces, and it's great to hear that your tables are not only beautiful but also practical.

    I can imagine that working with cement board and porcelain tiles can be challenging, but it's clear that you have the skills and tools necessary to create a stunning finished product. I especially love the attention to detail that you put into cutting and shaping each individual tile.

    I think a mosaic side table would be a lovely addition to any outdoor space, and I'm sure that your customers are thrilled with the results. Keep up the great work!

  5. Did I miss the info on the cutter and blade??