Thursday, 20 April 2017

A tricky Roman mosaic design bistro table

Hello blogger friends,

As in life, things don't always go right, and I have experienced that recently with a commission to make a Roman design mosaic table.

To start off with, it is a different style for me which I was/am excited to try - I always like a challenge!  The precise nature of a geometric design meant a lot more measuring and checking, which I thought I had done!  Below is a design I found on Google images, which my client liked for the centre of the round table, so I sort of based my middle design on that.

Courtesy of Google images
My client wanted greys as a colour palette with blues and beiges.  So off I went, drawing the design and starting to cut and stick the tiles.

Here is my original design, and the progress I made with cutting and sticking the tiles.

It all seemed to be going well, until I made the devastating discovery that what I thought was the middle, wasn't the middle, so when everything needed to be the right measurements, they weren't!
What to do?  Nothing, but take every single tile off and start again!
The actual process wasn't as daunting as it sounds, and I collected each colour tile in a tub so I could reuse them in some shape on the Take 2 table design!
With some help from my husband who is very good at these things (and had pointed out the problem in the first place!), we now have a perfectly central design drawn, and it's time to start again.
Of course, it HAS to be right!

When all is completed, I will share the finished table with you, and hope you like the centred Roman mosaic design!

Do get in touch, and if you like my blog and mosaics, it would be great if you could share.
Until next time ..

Saturday, 11 March 2017

A very special mosaic

Hello blogger friends,

Once in a while I am commissioned to make really special mosaics.  Obviously, I feel that all my mosaics are special, but some just make my heart race as I make them.

So, a few months ago, I had an email from a chap who wanted me to make a mosaic for his girlfriend, saying 'marry me'.  Well, I was so excited - what a lovely romantic gesture!  We discussed all the details and designed a special motif together to fit in the mosaic - something special to them.

What an honour to part of such a special moment in a couple's life!

Anyway, I made the mosaic posted it off with all my good wishes and positive thoughts. I didn't hear for a while .... until yesterday, when an email told me the great news that all went well -  she said YES, and seemed to like the mosaic too!

Happy days!
Felicity x

Monday, 30 January 2017

How I grout a rainbow mosaic house number with sunflower motif!

Hello blogger friends,

I often get asked how I grout my mosaics. I must say from the beginning that no one has ever taught me - this is the just the way I do it, and it is seems to work pretty well, so this is for all you budding mosaicists out there!

Having made the mosaic and all the tiles are thoroughly stuck and are where I want them,  I get the Unibond grout, plastic jug and spatula

I measure three serving spoons worth of the powder grout (about the right amount for this 20cm x 20cm mosaic), and mix in small amounts of water until I have a buttercream consistency, the same as in the middle of a cake, mixing it together with the spatula. Make sure you don't get a dry lump of grout at the bottom of the jug!

Next, be brave and get spreading! I work the grout firmly into all the spaces between the tiles.

I keep going over the mosaic, spreading the grout on thickly, and then scraping it off with the soft edged spatula, again and again.

The edges are very important in mosaics - especially for this exterior house number - as that is the place where water might get in. I use my index finger to press the grout right into the edge, going round and round the edges until I am sure it is all completely covered. - be careful for sharp edged tiles!

I wipe all the excess grout off, checking once again that there are no gaps - it's amazing how grout sinks and suddenly a hole appears from nowhere!

Before the final wipe, I use a thin and sharp tool to make the holes either side for fixing, before the grout dries.  I paint the sides and back in an exterior paint to finish it off. The mosaic is then ready to go up, and lift your spirits every time you go into your place for years to come 😀
If you have any questions about making mosaics, or a project you are working on, do leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer it for you.

Thanks so much for reading, and look forward to hearing from you.
Felicity x

Monday, 16 January 2017

Felicity Ball mosaics and Pinterest

Hello everyone,

This is just a little blogette to let you know about all my lovely Pinterest boards.

I have been on Pinterest for quite a while now and really enjoy collecting all sorts of arty pins I like, just so that I have them in one place and can go back there and enjoy them whenever I want!  There is so much amazing work out there of all media, and its such a pleasure to have my very own gallery at the press of a button.

So, I thought, if you are a Pinterest person (or even if you're not!), you might like to join me there sometimes too. Here is the link to my boards -  I am always adding new pins so do keep an eye open, and I look forward to your company over there!

Many thanks,
Felicity x

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Thinking ahead for my mosaic business ...

Happy new year, blogger friends!

With my business this year, I am going to try and learn from last year's mistakes - that's a good start to the year, isn't it?!
Let me explain. As you can imagine, my mosaics take a long time to make - I cut and stick every single tile myself.  Of course, I'm not complaining - I am very lucky and love my work.  But I am determined to improve my planning this year.  With that in mind, I am now using  'The Maker's Yearbook' devised by fellow maker, Nicola Taylor to help us all achieve this - do take a look at her website - it is so helpful!

Last year, I received orders for my popular mosaic bistro tables too late for me to make them in time for spring and summer.  I did make them all in the end, but felt terrible, when the sun was shining and my customers didn't have their tables to sit at.

So, I know it only January and sunny days seem along way away, but I am now encouraging everyone to make their orders now, so that all shall be well and you can enjoy a glass of something the minute the air warms and the sun shines.

For more details, please visit my website and treat your patio to a lovely table and a mosaic piece of art!

Thank you for reading and I would be really grateful if you could share my blog with your family, friends, and followers.

Until next time ...
Felicity x